Scout – Scorpion Patrol Activity

On Sunday 24th June, Scorpion patrol held an activity of raft making and canoeing at Champion Lakes.

Champion Lakes

The patrol had a great time and the weather was great.

After they constructed their raft they tested it out on the water.

Then they went canoeing.

It was a great patrol activity and great organising.  The scouts all went home exhausted and had an amazing day in the sun on the water.

Joey Cub Day 2018

On 23rd June 2018, the Joeys and Cubs from Bibra Lake joined with many other Joeys and Scouts from other groups in Western Australia and went on an adventure to Whiteman Park – JOEY CUB DAY 2018 – OUR ADVENTURE OUR JOURNEY was the theme.

Joey Cub Day 2018.jpg

With some amazing activities around the theme of travel, the Joeys and Cubs split off into patrols and made their way around the park on trains, trams, vintage buses (MTT) and explored museums and Scout Heritage Centre stall. They also did other activities such as Rover 100 year obstacle course, apple slinkies, STEM, UFO biscuit making and construction/rope making.

It was a fun adventure and many were exhausted by the end of the day. Thanks goes to the amazing organises of this large event.

Group Campfire 2018

On 16th June 2018 all of the sections of the group as well as families all came together for a Group Campfire.

Our campfire chief Turtle put on a show with some amazing magic fire lighting abilities and there were some old campfire songs and we learnt some new ones.

It was a great night and it was great that so many families came to share this campfire with us.

Group Campfire.jpg

Photo courtesy of Swagman Photography

Joey Leap 2018

On Saturday 5th May the Bibra Lake Joey Scouts travelled to Australind to attend the Joey Leap annual branch event with approximately 250 other Joey Scouts from WA.

Parade The Joeys were excited and there were many activities to choose from including a small and larger rock climbing wall, rope bridge, bouncy castle, fire brigade, police, giant games, craft stalls, Rover 100 year/colour pancakes, push carts, face painting and probably more that we didn’t even get to.


It was great seeing the Joeys being unsure and scared of rock climbing and conquering their fears, setting personal goals and getting further than they expected, and some reaching the top.

Another favourite of our Joeys was the rope bridge

It was a fun and exhausting day and I am sure many Joey’s slept on the way back home from Australind.

It was a great day and looking forward to next year’s Joey Leap.

Scout Green Cord Hike

After many hours of planning and the original site of the green cord hike (Cape to Cape) being flooded and a change of hike location was required.  The plan was made and 5 Scouts embarked upon their hike on a section of the Bibbulmun Track.  They left on Good Friday off on their adventure stalked by 2 Scout Leaders who were in contact via CB if any issues.

The green cord hike is not for the faint hearted and consists of:

“Plan and undertake a hike of at least 30km with at least four other Scouts into unfamiliar terrain requiring two nights out-of–doors. Use lightweight equipment and foods as far as practicable.”

They completed the two nights and 34.5km of walking over the three days (two nights).  They came back with some amazing photos of the sights that they saw and even played some practical jokes on the scout leaders about sleeping in and forgetting things back at last camp spot (this was a must considering it was also April Fools Day).

They all returned safe and sound and actually earlier than anticipated.  Apart from a few blisters and splinters all were well and apart from exhausted enjoyed the challenge and the scenery.


Now they just need to finish all the other requirements to get their green cords and then onto the Australian Scout Medallion.

Well done guys at this amazing achievement of completing this hike despite the challenges which is what scouting is all about.

Star Wars Group Camp

On 23rd March 2018, all sections of Bibra Lake Scout Group went to Eaton for a weekend of Star Wars fun for the group camp.


From 6 year old Joeys to Rovers/Adult Helpers/Leaders, all had a great time as we travelled to a galaxy far far away and the Jedi batted the Empire for the title of the winning patrol of the weekend.

Leaders dressed in Star Wars Costumes to help with the theme. Chil (GL) – Chewbacca, Rafici (AGL) – Obi Wan Kanobi, Quenda (Joey Scout Leader) – X-Wing Pilot, Platypus (A/Joey Leader/Rover) – Rey, Rikki (Cub Leader) – Princess Leia, Chikai (A/Cub Leader in Training) – Darth Vader, Kaa (A/Cub Leader in Training) – Captain Phasma, Turtle (Scout Leader) – Darth Vader.  Some of our parent helpers also dressed up and were very important to help us run a fantastic camp.  Our cooks were amazing and there was great food.

On Friday night the Scouts arrived, then finding a bed in the dorm/setting up for bed, putting up tents for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers and then a Star Wars movie.  There were some super excited Joeys and Cubs that took a little longer to go to sleep than others.  On Saturday morning, we were up and off for our fantastic breakfast of cereal and bacon and eggs (cooked by our fantastic adult helper kitchen staff). Morning parade and camp standards.

They then rotated through the 4 activity stations for the day:

Station 1: Joey Leader Activity – Cardboard Star Wars Construction.  Tiger Snake Patrol: X Wing Fighter  Feral Foxes Patrol: Walker  Motorbike Frogs: Star Destroyer   Water Rats: Millenium Falcon Making paper planes and X-Wing Origami Challenge


Station 2: Cub Leaders Activity – Jedi Training Obstacle Course – lots of fun to be had making pool noodle lightsabers, weaving through the spider web, climb over the lava slime, pull up Yoda discs, tangle game.

Station 3: Scout Leaders Activity – Building battlefield for the wide game, making flour bombs, making parachute balls, knotting/rope/scout craft skills

Station 4: Venturer Leader Activity – Use the force to get a ball into a cup without touching it, slime making,

Morning Tea: Fruit/cake/biscuits. Lunch was Ham Solo and Salad Rolls (or chicken/salami) and Afternoon Tea: Fruit/cake/biscuits.

Making a Wookie Stew – The Scout Leaders went out and got themselves a Wookie for our stew.  In their patrols the Scouts followed the instructions and worked as a team to make the stew for their dinner later tonight.  The aim was to make sure the stew was not “Chewy” so it was left on slow simmer while the activities continued.

Star Wars Battle Wide Game – 2 Patrols joined forces to become the Empire and Rebels and fight the star wars wide game battle.  Water gun and Flour bomb battle.  Each group needed to get their rice balls into the other side bucket to win. (Photos courtesy of Swag Man Photography)

Dinner – the Wookie Stew was served with some fantastic vegetables cooked by our fantastic helpers in the kitchen.  It was delicious

Some Scouts were so tired they went to bed but others continued to the next wide game.

Darth Vader Night Freeze Tag Wide Game – 2 Darth Vaders, 2 Torches, 2 Lightsabers.  The torches and lightsabers were hidden.  2 Darth Vaders to tag scouts and they are frozen in carbonite.  Scouts need to find torches to unfreeze their team members and need to find the lightsaber which they can use to defeat Darth Vader. When both Darth Vaders are defeated the game is over.

Some more Scouts were tired they went to bed but others continued to watch another Star Wars movie then bed.  More sleep was achieved on second night due to exhaustion.

Sunday morning – wake up and start to pack up bed.  Then onto a beautiful pancake breakfast by our cooking staff.   Parade and camp standards.

Scouts Own Refection by the water with Rovers – Yarn of Yoda about the force and choose a name of someone on camp from bowl and say something you like about them.

Packing up and Cleaning


Balloon Game: Stormtroppers vs Jedi – 2 teams white/black balloons need to pop other team balloon without yours popping.

Walk by the river

Home time! Many exhausted scouts fell asleep in the car on the way home. A great time was had by all.


Scouts – Aeroplane Troop Camp

The Scouts went to Serpentine Airfield and held their Troop Aeroplane Camp.   After arriving Friday night, they set up their tents, dining shelters and making a campfire.  Sitting around the campfire having fun.

Aeroplane Camp.jpg

On Saturday morning, Bob Grimstead gave all our scouts a great rundown in the features of aircraft then they were fortunate enough to be invited into a members hangar where our scouts were able to climb over vintage operational world war one and two aircraft.


In the afternoon, he put on an amazing aerobatics show for us, full of amazing feats. We were all amazed at the brilliant flying skills displayed.

The Scouts cooked their dinner and dessert, played a wide game and roasted marshmallows on the campfire then bed.

In the morning it was breakfast and packup of tents and dining shelters while the Scouts got the opportunity to fly in a plane and the DFES helicopters were practicing their dump and run operations.


Scouts now rule the skies and the land!!!

Scouts support McHappy Day – 14th Oct

Today, Bibra Lake Scout’s are supporting McHappy Day by helping out at McDonalds Bicton. McHappy Day is a fundraiser to support Australian families with seriously ill children. The donations received help Ronald McDonald House Charities provide a place for these children and their families to recover, relax, and play right next door to the hospital.

Well done to the Scouts who have helped out today to support this great cause for our community.

McHappy Day

Scout Green Cord Hike

On Friday 15th September, 5 Scouts set off on a 34km Green Cord hike on the Bibbulmun Track. Kai, with the assistance of the Scout Leaders, planned and organised this hike, as part of his Green Cord requirements.


The Green Cord Hike is a challenge for scouts as it is an independent hike but the leaders are close by in case they are needed. Well done Kai at organising a great hike for the Scouts.