Cubilee 2018

On 3rd November 2018, the Cubs went to the annual event Cubilee. Cubilee is a fun filled day of various activities. This year’s Cubilee theme was Super Heroes.


Bibra Lake Scout Group Scouts and Leaders worked with the WASP team to build the rope bridge for the cubs to enjoy at Cubilee 2018.

Lots of fun was to be had on high ropes, rockclimbing wall and many various activities to keep the Cubs amused. As usual it was an awesome day!

Joey Cub Day 2018

On 23rd June 2018, the Joeys and Cubs from Bibra Lake joined with many other Joeys and Scouts from other groups in Western Australia and went on an adventure to Whiteman Park – JOEY CUB DAY 2018 – OUR ADVENTURE OUR JOURNEY was the theme.

Joey Cub Day 2018.jpg

With some amazing activities around the theme of travel, the Joeys and Cubs split off into patrols and made their way around the park on trains, trams, vintage buses (MTT) and explored museums and Scout Heritage Centre stall. They also did other activities such as Rover 100 year obstacle course, apple slinkies, STEM, UFO biscuit making and construction/rope making.

It was a fun adventure and many were exhausted by the end of the day. Thanks goes to the amazing organises of this large event.

Beeliar/Melville District Cub Camp

On the weekend of 18th – 20th of May the Bibra Lake Cub scouts travelled to Nanga Bush Camp to attend the Ned Kelly district camp with groups from all around the Beeliar and Melville district including Willagee Kardinya and Kwinana. The cubs were very excited and there were so many different activities they got to participate in including whip cracking and gold panning.

It was great to see the cubs make many new friends and work together in their patrols which were named after famous Ned Kelly towns.

It was a fun, cold and exhausting camp and I’m sure many of the cubs slept on their
way home. It was a great camp and I’m looking forward to more district activities to come.

Star Wars Group Camp

On 23rd March 2018, all sections of Bibra Lake Scout Group went to Eaton for a weekend of Star Wars fun for the group camp.


From 6 year old Joeys to Rovers/Adult Helpers/Leaders, all had a great time as we travelled to a galaxy far far away and the Jedi batted the Empire for the title of the winning patrol of the weekend.

Leaders dressed in Star Wars Costumes to help with the theme. Chil (GL) – Chewbacca, Rafici (AGL) – Obi Wan Kanobi, Quenda (Joey Scout Leader) – X-Wing Pilot, Platypus (A/Joey Leader/Rover) – Rey, Rikki (Cub Leader) – Princess Leia, Chikai (A/Cub Leader in Training) – Darth Vader, Kaa (A/Cub Leader in Training) – Captain Phasma, Turtle (Scout Leader) – Darth Vader.  Some of our parent helpers also dressed up and were very important to help us run a fantastic camp.  Our cooks were amazing and there was great food.

On Friday night the Scouts arrived, then finding a bed in the dorm/setting up for bed, putting up tents for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers and then a Star Wars movie.  There were some super excited Joeys and Cubs that took a little longer to go to sleep than others.  On Saturday morning, we were up and off for our fantastic breakfast of cereal and bacon and eggs (cooked by our fantastic adult helper kitchen staff). Morning parade and camp standards.

They then rotated through the 4 activity stations for the day:

Station 1: Joey Leader Activity – Cardboard Star Wars Construction.  Tiger Snake Patrol: X Wing Fighter  Feral Foxes Patrol: Walker  Motorbike Frogs: Star Destroyer   Water Rats: Millenium Falcon Making paper planes and X-Wing Origami Challenge


Station 2: Cub Leaders Activity – Jedi Training Obstacle Course – lots of fun to be had making pool noodle lightsabers, weaving through the spider web, climb over the lava slime, pull up Yoda discs, tangle game.

Station 3: Scout Leaders Activity – Building battlefield for the wide game, making flour bombs, making parachute balls, knotting/rope/scout craft skills

Station 4: Venturer Leader Activity – Use the force to get a ball into a cup without touching it, slime making,

Morning Tea: Fruit/cake/biscuits. Lunch was Ham Solo and Salad Rolls (or chicken/salami) and Afternoon Tea: Fruit/cake/biscuits.

Making a Wookie Stew – The Scout Leaders went out and got themselves a Wookie for our stew.  In their patrols the Scouts followed the instructions and worked as a team to make the stew for their dinner later tonight.  The aim was to make sure the stew was not “Chewy” so it was left on slow simmer while the activities continued.

Star Wars Battle Wide Game – 2 Patrols joined forces to become the Empire and Rebels and fight the star wars wide game battle.  Water gun and Flour bomb battle.  Each group needed to get their rice balls into the other side bucket to win. (Photos courtesy of Swag Man Photography)

Dinner – the Wookie Stew was served with some fantastic vegetables cooked by our fantastic helpers in the kitchen.  It was delicious

Some Scouts were so tired they went to bed but others continued to the next wide game.

Darth Vader Night Freeze Tag Wide Game – 2 Darth Vaders, 2 Torches, 2 Lightsabers.  The torches and lightsabers were hidden.  2 Darth Vaders to tag scouts and they are frozen in carbonite.  Scouts need to find torches to unfreeze their team members and need to find the lightsaber which they can use to defeat Darth Vader. When both Darth Vaders are defeated the game is over.

Some more Scouts were tired they went to bed but others continued to watch another Star Wars movie then bed.  More sleep was achieved on second night due to exhaustion.

Sunday morning – wake up and start to pack up bed.  Then onto a beautiful pancake breakfast by our cooking staff.   Parade and camp standards.

Scouts Own Refection by the water with Rovers – Yarn of Yoda about the force and choose a name of someone on camp from bowl and say something you like about them.

Packing up and Cleaning


Balloon Game: Stormtroppers vs Jedi – 2 teams white/black balloons need to pop other team balloon without yours popping.

Walk by the river

Home time! Many exhausted scouts fell asleep in the car on the way home. A great time was had by all.


Cubilee 2017

This year’s Cubilee 2017 was Jungle theme and was held at Kelmscott Senior High School. Cubilee 2017.jpg

A fun filled day full of tonnes of activities for the cub scouts.

After lunch, thanks to our new leader in training Chikai, Bibra Lake Cubs managed to do the farm tour and also the sheep shearing presentation.

After this the cubs continued their afternoon of adventure trying to complete as many activities as possible.

Well done to all the leaders and volunteers that made this day amazing.  Also to WASP who made an amazing rope bridge with a Jungle theme.


Pirate Mermaid Cub Scout Camp 2017

On Friday 28th July 2017, the cubs and scouts battled a storm to get down to the campsite at Binningup by the beach for their Pirate/Mermaid Cub Scout Camp 2017.  It was a wild night with the storm but all our Pirates and Mermaids woke ready for their Pirate/Mermaid adventure.

First activity was to make eye patches, pirate head scarves and swords.

After our Cubs and Scouts became pirates they were then given the challenge of a wide game digging for maps and treasure on the beach. Our pirate leader Turtle really didn’t want our little pirates to find his treasure so he made it super hard for them.

The evening was the campfire. The rain held off to almost the end and then we moved inside to finish of our campfire singing.


We woke up to a beautiful morning the next day and we went fishing.  There were 3 fish caught but the cubs and scouts gave them a pat and a kiss and returned them to the sea.

We then returned to the campsite to pack up and have some last pirate activities before cleaning.  We had a tug of war challenge and some other pirate theme activities.

The campsite was then cleaned and parents came to arrive to pick up their tired cub or scout. Many slept in the car on the way home.

It was a fun weekend for all #camping #fun #pirate #adventure #scouting




CTAS Camp – Scouts and older cubs

On 19-21 May 2017,  the scouts and the older cubs went on a CTAS camp.  CTAS stands for “cutting the apron strings” and was named this by one of our historical leader who believed that cubs needed an introduction to the patrol system and camping to prepare them for linking to the Scouts Section.

As the cubs are introduced to the patrol system and working in a team with a patrol leader this camp was designed to provide them with this learning.

It was also a camp full of adventure.  It was held at Manjedal and a full day of adventurous activities.  They started their day off at the giant swing.  Full harnesses and safety was provided by experienced adventurous activity Scouting instructors.  The kids had fun hoisting their scout/cub colleagues up into the air and they were released.

Then it was onto crate stacking.  After lunch it was onto archery and then finally the tunnels.  The day was finished with a scouting gourmet lovely mushroom risotto and homemade (scoutmade) rissoles.

In the morning, Turtle got to try out his new pancake mixer invention for bulk scouting pancake mix.  Then onto a campfire making competition.


A fun packed adventure weekend for all.  Everyone was exhausted and parents reported many a cub/scout passed out in their car on the trip home.