Cub Section

Cub Leaders are: Sona, Rikki, Eagle and Kaa.

Cub Scouts is based on the Jungle Book and is full of great activities for younger scouts. When you join Cubs you will be part of the pack. Cubs are aged 7.5 years to 10 years of age and pack meetings are held on a Monday night between 6:30pm – 8:00pm during school term.

The cub pack is always having fun, learning new things, exploring and going on an adventure.  From learning traditional Scouting skills like tying knots and navigation using a map and compass, playing games and making new friends to rock climbing, camping, low ropes and having crazy fun at Cubilee. Cub Scouts learn to try and ‘do your best’ at whatever they try and help others to ‘do their best’ too! Visit exciting places! Help with community events or environment projects!

You will also learn heaps of useful things that will help you when you move up to the older Scouting Sections, as well as throughout your entire life.

All Cub Scouts are good at and enjoy different things, but everyone gets to have a go at all the activities and you can earn heaps of cool badges to sew on your Cub Scout uniform.

So come down and become a part of our Cub Scout Pack.