Scout Group Urban Hike 31/3 – 2/4/2017

Urban hike.jpg

On 31 March 2017, the Scout Group went on an Urban Hike from Blackmore Ridge to Waylen Bay and slept over that night. They arrived at Waylon bay about 8.30pm.  They learnt lots of lessons about packing light and cutting back on spare clothes. Most didn’t use tents and enjoyed sleeping under the stars.  They left again in the morning and made their way to Pelican Point.  They made the distance and were quite exhausted.  They woke up to an amazing sunrise over the river.

pelican point

pelican point2

They then continued on to finish their weekend of hiking at Kings Park.  They were all exhausted but enjoyed their urban hiking weekend around Perth.  They enjoyed their much deserved lunch and were then returned to their parents – we are sure they all needed a shower and sleep after that weekend.

Lunch urban hike

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